Scientific conference "Let's beat the chronic fatigue syndrome"

Scientific conference "Let's beat the chronic fatigue syndrome" will be held at 14th December 2019, starting at 12 noon at the premises of the Academy of Educational and Medical Studies in Ćuprija, Bulevar VJ bb.  

Prof. Branislav Milovanović about chronic fatigue

Is chronic fatigue an official disease? How to diagnose if the results of all analyzes are good?

Increasing of the neurocardiology topics

In the broadcast of the series “Dobro je, dobro znati” there was talk about the reach of neurocardiology..

Prof. Branislav Milovanović on Insidious Disease that can be a threat to anyone

Be persistent in striking a balance, do not look back at the accusations of the environment that you are exaggerating in claims that you are exhausted and that your working capacity is being reduced or…….

Association of People with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Consciousness Crisis SHUKS


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